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How Driver App Features Benefit Drivers In Taxi Business?

Mobile technology is essential for keeping your business up and running in the modern marketplace. The field of technology has seen a lot of innovation over the past few years. Taxis are no exception. There is a growing competition from less expensive transport services such as Uber-like or car rental companies that can offer similar services at lower costs while still providing better customer service than the traditional taxi business being able to adjust quickly enough to set your business apart from other taxi companies looking into launching their version too.

There are a variety of taxi applications available on market. A specific type is designed specifically for established businesses in need and ensures that customers can book their rides easily along with an expanding customer base aiding drivers in finding potential fares more quickly than ever before.

Two different apps were developed by the development team to cater to the needs of passengers and drivers. This allows for more customizable features that give users the opportunity to have exactly what you need without interruptions.

These are the essential features in driver apps.

In a world where taxis continue to be challenged by increasing competition A key element to maintain customer loyalty is to ensure that drivers have access and full control of their apps. Driver-friendly features will allow new customers and those who are already customers to concentrate on the work with less stress which leads to more effective service delivery for all.

Vehicle Tracking System

Drivers prefer using applications that help them save time and offer the best practices. GPS tracking systems track the exact location of the passenger, but when they are shared, it becomes easy for a driver who is in need of finding them at any moment because they know precisely where the family members are.

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Drivers can now make use of their smartphones to signal that they’re available for any new requests , or to pick up details. This means they’ll be notified automatically whenever there is a need which gives them the chance of finding another fare along with all relevant information such as the address.

Driver Dashboard

The new feature allows drivers to evaluate their performance to other drivers and also gain valuable information about their travels. Prior to deciding whether or not to improvetheir performance, they will be able to review feedback from other riders who’ve been on their previous rides.

SMS and Email Alerts

Important notices will be sent to cabs by SMS or email. They are also able to respond to these inquiries with an accept/ decline option through a simple interface which is advantageous for both the parties of the transaction.

Begin/End the Ride

It’s simple to locate your location using maps. This map will tell you the locations where drop-off and pickup points are, which makes it easier for everyone.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

A person can make a request for transportation and receive a prompt response. If the driver does not respond within 15-30 second of receiving the notification through the app, it is a sign that there aren’t any other vehicles are in the vicinity.

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