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How Windows Server Essentials Impacts Your Business

Microsoft has announced a new server platform specifically designed for small businesses with minimal IT requirements. Microsoft’s “Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2” software was created to help these businesses save time and money. It provides central device control tools which can all be accessed via the Web browser or mobile application from any location. You don’t need an enormous data lake as with other solutions.

Microsoft Server Essentials is an excellent option for small businesses with less than 25 employees. It is easy-to-use and manage, doesn’t have unnecessary features that can cause slowdowns to your infrastructure (like enterprise tools), and comes at a lower cost so you don’t have to purchase a new tool when running an e-commerce business that is small.

Here’s a more detailed look at Windows Server Essentials, and how you can make use of it for your business.

1. What are Windows Server Essentials, you might ask?

Microsoft’s latest product called Windows Server Essentials is designed specifically for small-sized businesses. This solution is easy to use and shows Microsoft’s dedication to this market. It does not require any IT knowledge or prior experience.

2. Simple Installation

Microsoft Windows Server Essentials is simple to set up. The user is guided through a simple setup process and all details are explained to make sure that the process is as easy, straightforward, and smooth as possible.

3. Simple Management

People who aren’t IT professionals like me can easily manage our servers with Window Server Essentials. The dashboard is clear and well organized, making it easy for me to monitor every server.

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How can you use Microsoft Server Essentials to your business?

Windows Server Essentials offers a wide range of features that are extremely useful and simple to implement. These include:

1. Shared Folders

Windows Server Essentials allows you to share files within shared folders. This is an essential element of server technology.

2. Users and groups

Users and groups permit you to share files with others in the same way. This permissions system permits employees within your company to share files between them, however only if they are granted permission by their department or administrator.

3. Integration with Hosted Services and Apps

Microsoft’s recent shift towards cloud computing makes it simpler than ever to host Office 365 and Windows Azure versions for businesses of all sizes. The dashboard makes it easy for users to choose the services they need without technical expertise.

4. Storage

This feature is very useful and allows you to manage your storage on your server as a whole, instead of each drive. This makes it simpler and more practical for Windows Server Essentials customers who need easy access to their data from every device.

5. Remote Access

Remote access makes it simple to grant employees access to remote devices. The Windows Server Essentials package includes a simple process for creating a secure connection that can be used any device, regardless of whether it’s mobile or not.


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