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What Is Deer Antler Velvet Used For?

Imagine returning home and finding that your deer has new antlers. They’re soft and fluffy, exactly like their name suggests. These “velvet blades” are only seen in male deer. They appear once a year following the shed of the old ones. Do not let anyone fool you to believe that a young animal, or buck, isn’t shedding its previous set (or tusks). The reason velvet-like scars are present is not only due to biology, but also because bucks don’t need to compete with other males for territory/matehood rights. This is what we want to be able to see.

When a buck loses antlers, it’s not because he cannot play anymore. They do this in order to mate with females during the deer season. The process usually starts in December or March when they shed their weaponry and start to grow velvet ones. These nutrients supply vital nutrients for the growth of new plants, which is why it takes place faster than there was no treatment.

According to this document that dates back to 2000 years ago, deer antler velvet might have medicinal value. Traditional Chinese medicine uses it to this day as their most vital drug. It is a focus on various diseases and illnesses. Ginseng’s purpose in Asian culture is to boost recuperation of strength.

In the presence of high levels of hormones, hormone-like compounds that are found in the velvet of deer might have anti-inflammatory properties. Recent studies have revealed that it could also have effects on immune function, blood cholesterol levels and pressure and many other aspects. Deer anatomy has many interesting characteristics, including the sharp cartilage plates that run along their forelegs. They are thought to shield them from predators running through bushes or trees at speed but can be used as evidence by the person who had no problem putting their arm away in one swipe.

Deer antlers have been reported to ease arthritis. This could be related to the anti-inflammatory qualities it has. There is a wealth of information about “deer velvet arthritis” on the internet. Numerous supplement companies seek to earn money through marketing their products. They are aware that their customers need effective treatment but there’s no research that supports it.

With all the benefits of velvet made of antlers, it’s no wonder why people would like to own a piece of this incredible fabric. Many believe that the stimulating effects of antler velvet will improve mental clarity, improve your immune system, and some claim to have seen an increase in their libido. But nothing has been scientifically proved.

While it can be difficult to locate, some stores sell velvet deer antlers. These hard white chips can be used in a variety of ways, such as tea leaves and capsules. You can spend your time with these amazing creatures in numerous ways. More needs to be said about how this all works before we even get into specifics about where one could buy them If they went to the town during lunch time.

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