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What Is Latency and Its Causes?

The latency measure is how long it takes for your computer to respond to an action, like clicking on the link. For most people, this won’t impact their video streaming or Spotify listening. However, if they play games, there could be major issues with latency as also because satellite internet has more precision than wired connections do which means that those playing games may have a poor performance due to the excessive rates of loss of packets due to long pings.

Latency is the delay between your input (in this case an anchor) and the time when it’s delivered to others. It can also impact your response time if you play online video games or watch YouTube videos on the internet. This is due to the fact that they may not be 100 precise in their timing due to their speed across fiber optic cables.

What’s the cause of the latency?

Gaming and end-users who like being able to access their preferred content from any location anytime, are affected by latency. The elements that influence the speed of your play include the distance between you and the server plus anything in between like connectivity to the internet or Wi-Fi’s strength (or the lack of it). It is also possible to have an effect on the modem/router combination you select There are a variety of options! Do not be worried if the process appears to be a bit complicated at first.


Latency is the time it takes for information to travel from one place in space. This is the distance between your computer and the server(s) and how much data you request from that machine. If this distance is not sufficient, there is a rise in the latency.

Propagation Delay

Propagation delay is the most important aspect in determining speed of browsing your device or computer. It can also impact other parameters like download speeds or upload speeds as well as wireless connections.

Types of Internet connections

There are major differences in latency among internet connections. Cable, DSL and fiber all have less latency than satellite. Satellite’s architecture means that it needs more space for transmission. This causes more lengthy wait times along with better buffering capabilities on websites you want to visit like audio or video.

What’s On A Website

Have you ever clicked on a link and waited several hours for the site to load? This is due to someone trying too hard on their Angelfire page. Since they had glued The Office memes all across it, it is now taking longer to go there every time.

Your web browser must download large files, such as videos, or HD images when you visit a website. You might experience some delays if the files are stored on an external server far away from the site you’re currently browsing.

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