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Whelping Boxes: Why They’re Important

If you are a breeder of dogs, then you know that whelping plays a significant aspect in the development of your pet. You may find that you are unsure of what to do if are beginning to breed dogs. Whelping boxes are essential for any breeder planning on having a litter of puppies. They not only offer an ideal environment for mother and litter, but they can also regulate temperature and keep the puppies warm. Many whelping containers feature an edge that’s raised to keep mothers from accidentally rolling over their babies. A lot of them also have heated pads to keep the puppies warm. It is normal for puppies to be born blind or deaf. It is vital to ensure that your birthing space is secure and well lit to allow them to settle into their the new environment. Whelping boxes are safe and clean for babies to be born in and shield the dam and the pups from dangers that could be a threat to them.

A whelping space is an enclosed space used to protect a mother and her babies during the last phases of pregnancy. Although it could seem to be an unnecessary expense to invest in a whelping container it has many advantages.

It is easy to assemble

For any breeder the delicate whelping procedure that requires constant surveillance. Whelping containers are an effective tool for creating an environment of safety and comfort for both the mother and her puppies. They are easy to assemble, and can be quickly disassembled for cleaning or storage.


The antibacterial solution known as whelping box helps to kill germs and bacteria. It is specifically designed to be used in the whelping zone as it keeps it in a clean and hygiene. It is safe to use for puppies and dogs. Box can also be used to prevent mold and mildew from growing. It is an excellent tool for pet owners and can be used in commercial settings like kennels or vet clinics. A whelping box is an essential tool for pet owners who want to provide a secure and safe space for their pets.

Help to contain the chaos

If you have pups the whelping pot can be an ideal solution to keep the mess contained. It is essential to have a secure place for your pups to be born and to be able to live for the first couple of weeks of their lives. A whelping container will keep your pups dry and warm. Additionally, it will allow you to store them away from traffic. You should also include a whelping container to make it easier to contain the mess caused by having puppies. You have to be able to control the mess puppies create. A whelping container is the ideal solution for this.


Whelping boxes provide a safe secure and safe space for new mothers and their new pups. The boxes are typically lined with soft materials, and its sides are tall enough to protect the mother from accidentally roll over on her babies. The box also provides a comfortable, peaceful place for puppies to nap and nurse. It is a crucial tool for ensuring the health and safety of puppies who are just born.

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